Hawaii destination wedding during COVID

March 31, 2021 by Tess Pitzer

As the the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel starts shining on us all, you may be planning your dream wedding, or finally able to have the wedding that you pushed off all year. Maui, Hawaii now allows visitors to enter upon receiving a negative COVID test. This means you can host your Maui, Hawaii destination wedding during COVID! We will give you some tips, tricks and information to make life easier while planning your big day.

Why have a destination wedding?

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Having a destination wedding allows for all of your loved ones to be in the same place together. Not only this, but you are in an exciting destination! You have your absolute favorite people to make and share new memories with. You can even combine your honeymoon with your destination wedding! Once having your beautiful wedding in Maui, Hawaii, now you can enjoy the island or even island hop to have a romantic honeymoon getaway, Hawaiian style.

Some couples choose a certain destination because it is where they met, or their favorite place to travel to. Others choose a destination based on the beauty of the destination, their culture or where they grew up. Many destination weddings have a smaller guest list, which ends up making the reception more affordable and intimate with your closest friends and family. Plus, there is something very exciting about getting whisked away and married in paradise!

Is Maui, Hawaii the perfect location for a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic?

YES! In our opinion, it has been a special place, this entire year. Although the pandemic has extremely impacted our economy, it was also a historical time for our local residents.
We experienced Hawaii with little to no tourists. This meant empty beaches and zero traffic! I cannot remember the last time I saw the beaches without foot prints. Now more than ever this is still a great time to have a wedding in paradise! As there is some effort involved in traveling here, many people choose to stay in the comfort of their homes and wait out the pandemic.  YOU can have a special and unforgettable destination wedding, while supporting the local economy that has been waiting to reopen for almost a year.

As many people have rescheduled their weddings and many place destinations are not allowing large weddings at this time or even entry into their region, it is important to book the venue that you have dreamed of, and the vendors that you want!

Getting tested for Covid-19 before traveling to Hawaii

Currently on Mach 31st 2021 Hawaii travel restrictions require documentation of a negative COVID-19 test (even if you have already been vaccinated) in order to avoid a quarantine. (Please check with the current requirements through the safe travels link below)

This test must be Hawaii State Approved from one of the “trusted testing and travel partners”. Hawaii only accepts the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT). No testing is provided at the airport. You must have your results by the time you board your flight to Hawaii. Follow steps 1-4 to assist you in traveling to Hawaii.

  1. Register with the Safe Travels program online
  2. Take NAAT State approved test 72 hours before your flight to Hawaii.
  3. Upload the PDF version of your results to your Safe Travels account. Make sure to print out your results as well for the arrival line at the airport.
  4. 24 hours before your flight, take the health questionnaire in your Safe Travels account. Save the QR code assigned to you for arrival purposes.

-Travelers of all ages are subject to pre-testing

-Individuals are responsible for the costs which are minimal

-After getting tested, please practice safe measures so that you can help us keep our islands safe!

-If you do not take the test 3 days before traveling, you will be subject to a 10 day quarantine upon arrival.

-Results are not ready by the time you leave? Then upon arriving in Hawaii you must quarantine for the duration of your stay

-Make sure you closely read and follow all instructions very specifically and everything will be smooth sailing…or actually smooth flying

*We recommend doing a secondary COVID-19 test after a couple of days upon your arrival to Hawaii. This helps reduce the spread, keeping everyone safe.

Bottom line, make sure to get a COVID-19 test before traveling so that you can enjoy Hawaii!

It is time to get planning! Your dream wedding no longer needs to be put on hold! Now that you know about how to have a Hawaii destination wedding during Covid, you can be ready for some fun! Check out our article that goes more into depth about what it’s like to travel to Hawaii during a pandemic.

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Copyright by Aloha Bars Maui 2019. All rights reserved.