Dimitry & Sandra Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - New Cocktails

Something New

Our signature cocktails are truly what sets us apart. Creative techniques and local ingredients are crafted together to bring you and your guests some “new” cocktails as well as a real “taste of Maui”.

Aloha Tini

Coconut Rum & Grey Goose Vodka | fresh pineapple juice | hand-crafted Maui vanilla simple syrup | garnished with a pineapple square wrapped in fresh vanilla bean and cocktail umbrella pineapple | served in martini glass

Blue Crush

Whiskey | Blueberry Puree | Fresh Lemon & Orange Juices

Blueberry Blossom

Stoli Blueberry Vodka | St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur | muddled meyers limes | splash of ginger ale | garnished with a beautiful orchid & lime wheel | served in collins glass

Bride’s Bouquet

Pau Pineapple Vodka | hand-crafted hibiscus tea | dash of rose water | garnished with edible hibiscus flower | served in martini glass

Crimson Heart

Bourbon | Fresh Pressed Blood Orange Juice | Sparkling Soda | Dash of Angustura Bitters

Dragonfruit Caipirinha

Brazilian Sugar Cane Rum | Muddled Local Dragonfruit (seasonal) | Fresh Limes | Cachaca

Ginger Snap

Ginger Canton Cognac | Pau Pineapple Vodka | splash of ginger ale | Maui honey & crushed ginger snap rim | served in champagne glass

Goddess Tea

Vodka | Hibiscus Tea | Fresh Clove | Fresh Limes

Haiku Chai-Tini

Vodka | Chai Iced Tea | Star Anise

Hippie Juice

Gin | Fresh Rosemary & Limes | Coconut Water | Dash of Angustura Bitters

Island Heat

Rum or Vodka | Jalapeno Simple Syrup | Pineapple Juice | Tiki Bitters

Kula Strawberry and Lavender Lemonade

Pau Pineapple Vodka | hand-crafted Kula Strawberry puree | hand-crafted Ali’i Kula Lavender simple syrup | fresh squeezed lemonade | garnished with fresh Kula Strawberry and lemon wheel | served in collins glass

Love Potion

Sake | Rose Infused Lemonade | Vodka

Olowalu Sunset

Tequila, Rum or Vodka | Fresh Pressed Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice | Macadamia Nut Honey | Hawaiian Sugar Cane & Honey Rim

Pele’s Passion

Vodka | Passionfruit Puree | Pomegranate | Fresh Squeezed Orange juice

Perfect Union

Rum, Vodka or Gin | Muddled Local Cucumber & Strawberries | Fresh Limes | Sparkling Soda

Rosemary & Lychee Spritzer

Borsao Rose Grenache Wine | fresh organic rosemary | fresh lychee & lychee juice | garnished with a fresh sprig of rosemary & lychee| served with specialty straw

Sneaky Tiki

Rum | Lime, Pomegranate & Ruby Red Grapefruit Juices

Summer Solstice

Vodka | Watermelon Infused Lemonade | Fresh Basil | Soda Water

Sunkissed Wahine

Rum or Vodka | Apricot Nectar | Pear Juice | Lychee | Fresh Rosemary & Thyme