You are able to browse the different cocktails that our master mixologists have developed throughout their many years of hospitality industry experience in Maui’s finest establishments.


Classic Cocktails with a modern Flair. Once you taste our versions of these popular tropical libations you may never be able to have another one of these at a hotel or restaurant ever again.


Blue cocktails are synonymous with Hawaii so we’ve created a few cocktails that taste great and look fabulous!


There’s nothing as refreshing and tropical as a well crafted mojito. We muddle fresh organic mint and mix it with a wide array of flavor combinations to tantalize your taste buds.


Our signature cocktails are truly what sets us apart. Creative techniques and local ingredients are crafted together to bring you and your guests a real “taste of Maui”.

Create your own Cocktails

We, of course, give you the option of creating your own signature drink, as well as recreating your staple drink from your go to place, the drink you’ve had on your first date. Please contact us and we will accommodate your requests.