Tell us a little something about yourselves and your event via our contact page.  Include info such as when and where you’re event is taking place, how long you need our services and how many guests you are expecting.


We will go over the entire process and answer any questions you may have about our services, get to know each other and put together a plan for success.


A Service Agreement is signed between both parties and you leave us (or your planner) a retainer for services.  That’s it!  We’re booked!


Once we have completed the booking process it’s time to design your signature cocktails! We can customize a whole new menu of delicious drinks or you can choose from our amazing list of libations. We can even come up with custom names for each one to make them uniquely yours! We will send you a detailed shopping list (for beer, wine & spirits) once we’ve finished designing your bar menu to ensure that it is accurate. Although we are great at estimating how much liquor you will need, you are always welcome to purchase more than what we suggest. 30 days prior to your event we will have a final consultation, take care of final payments and go over final details leading up to your event.


We ask that you think of us when planning your layout and allow us a minimum 10’ x 10’ space for our beautiful bars and equipment. This area should be well lit and have reasonable access. More room will be required if you are having a refreshment station and/or multiple bar setups.

Unlike other mobile bar companies or caterers that provide bar services, we bring all of our own bars, tables, linens, coolers, tents, etc., so you do not have to rent anything on our behalf. The only thing we do ask of you is to make sure that there is electricity available (within 100’ of our work area) for our digital menu frames and blenders (should you opt for blended drinks) as well as access to a sink so that we may wash our glassware. You can ask your coordinator about these details.

We need (on average) two hours to enter a venue and set up before the first guests arrive as well as 1-2 hours at the end of the event to break down and exit the venue. This is dependent on scope of service, guest count and the venue itself.

Alcohol Purchase

You have a couple of options on where to buy your beer, wine & spirits. The most popular choice is to get everything from Costco for two reasons:

  1. It’s less expensive than any other retailer and
  2. You can return anything (unopened) that you don’t use, since it’s a club and not a retail store.

The only down side is that they may not carry certain specialty liqueurs we might need for certain cocktails. If you can’t be bothered to run around the island before your wedding you can order your shopping list through our partner store (call for details) and have it delivered to the venue.

This option costs more, but is very convenient as there is a better chance that they carry those specialty liqueurs (or can order them) and it can be organized with one phone call. Whatever you don’t consume at the event is yours to take back with you at the end of the night as long as it’s unopened. It’s against the law to have open alcohol containers in your vehicle. We’ll gladly pack it up, get it to your vehicle and help you load it.

Bar service operations

The bar will not be open for service until the designated time on this agreement. If you wish to have champagne or beer available while you’re getting ready please think ahead and bring some to the venue that is already chilled. Your guests will be greeted with non-alcoholic refreshments upon their arrival. Alcoholic beverages will be available after the ceremony.

As you can appreciate, providing our wonderful services requires a lot of hard work and long hours. Because of this we would appreciate it if you add our staff to your vendor meal count.

Last call will be given 30 minutes before the end of the event to ensure that all of your guests have ample time to get a fresh cocktail and enjoy it before your last song.

Gratuity is not included in our pricing, but it is highly appreciated. We leave that completely up to you based on our performance. A typical gratuity is between 10-20% of the total cost of services.



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Copyright by Aloha Bars Maui 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Aloha Bars Maui 2019. All rights reserved.