Dmitry & Sandra Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Cigar Bar II
Dmitry & Sandra Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Rustic Bar Side Views
Dimitry & Sandra Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Rustic Bar
Dimitry & Sandra Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - New Cocktails
Chris J Evans Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Pineapple Mojito & Bouquet
Hula Girl Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Makena Margarita
Karl Bradford Photography - Aloha Bars Maui - Hawaii Classic Cocktails
Classic Hawaianna Bar
Guava Mojito, Kula Kiss and Lavender Lemonade
Tasting Platter with Grooms Ring
Shoes By Vintage Bar Anna Kim
SD Starfruit Coupes
SD Marry Me_

In this gallery, you will se photos of the bars and the drinks, both expertly crafted by Aloha Bars Maui.


This timeless bar perfectly compliments the rustic feel that many of our couples are envisioning for their special day.  Each plank was hand-picked based on it’s natural beauty and finished with a rich Espresso stain that reveals it’s exquisite grain and unique character.  To add to the look we feature two gorgeous wooden lanterns with vintage Edison bulbs, which casts a warm glow once the sun goes down as well as a custom built digital frame to show off your cocktail menu.  You can opt to complete this stunning look by adding flowers and a garland by Lois Hiranaga as we have in this photo shoot by Dmitri & Sandra : Hawaii Photography

CIGAR BAR gallery

When we created our Rustic Elegance Bar we thought… we should build a nice cigar bar for the gentlemen attending the wedding!  Not only is it traditional to enjoy a nice bourbon and stogie after an accomplishment, but it also provides the guys with something of their own so they don’t feel left out amidst all of the flowers, table runners and other feminine accoutrements.  Our cigar bar is like something straight out of a gentlemen’s study with the adornments reminiscent of a time gone by.  It features all of the tools you need to light up as well as glassware for your choice of bourbon, whiskey or scotch.  It’s no coincidence that it matches perfectly with our Rustic Elegance Bar to complete your look.  *** Cigars and Alcohol provided by client ***

Photo Credit: Dmitri & Sandra : Hawaii Photography


This exquisite piece was custom designed and built to match the old world look of The Haiku Mill. We looked high and low to find a bar that not only matched the colors, but the entire breath-taking look with no avail, so we finally decided to build it ourselves. Each plank was individually distressed then stained with a black tea to age the wood. We then added a coat of sea green, which was then covered with a coat of crisp white. Finally, it was all hand-sanded to ensure that we featured all of those wonderful details that went into it during the distressing process. This hand-crafted masterpiece is now the most popular bar in our collection and goes perfectly with any wedding that has a vintage/shabby chic theme. We are proud to offer not just a beautiful bar, but a conversation piece.

Photo Credits: Kaua Photography & Anna Kim Photography


When one of our wonderful clients wanted a “tiki” bar for their wedding and asked if we offered one it really got us thinking. Instead of offering a typical tiki bar made of cheap bamboo and a thatch roof, why don’t we build a really NICE version of a tiki bar that you could expect to see in an upscale resort? So we did! Our Classic Hawaiiana Bar features quality materials such as the gorgeous dark stained bamboo veneer and blonde bamboo accents. The bar top is a beautiful, custom made 9 foot Koa wood surfboard and is anchored by two vintage Hawaiian Hula Girl lamps, that cast a soft glow after sunset. Of course, the “tiki” style would not be complete without the quintessential hand carved tiki idol so we commissioned a local tiki carver to make one specially for this design. Now, the iconic idea of being steps from the ocean at a “Tiki Bar” with a tropical drink in your hand is a reality, but in a refined style that is well suited for a wedding environment.

Photo Credits: Mike Sidney Photography & Tad Craig Photography


This ultra-sleek style is a great fit for our clients that are envisioning either a Great Gatsby/Art Deco look or wanting a high-end lounge feel. It features a built-in LED lighting system that can be set to glow white or your choice of color to match your wedding palette. The bar top is in a half-circle shape that accommodates a number of guests at the same time, which is great because guests love to hang out at this cool bar. It gets even cooler once dancing starts as it can strobe through all the colors to the beat of the music!

Picture Credit: Anna Kim Photography



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Copyright by Aloha Bars Maui 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Aloha Bars Maui 2019. All rights reserved.